An introduction to self healing through meditation, introspection, energy work and intention.

A comprehensive workshop for the soul dedicated to healing.

The soul that feels the urge to find their truest self.

The soul that is willing to do the necessary work, to meet that self.

A healer helps you find the way to that path, and gives healing guidance and understanding,

so that you, my magical friend, can do your own healing.

The power to heal, comes with the awakening of self.

That divine, pure loving, alchemist, joyful, powerfully connected self, is in there.

You just have to remember.

a humble dive into the depths of self,

to seek the light within.

  • Is your higher self communicating to you that it’s time to return to you?

  • Is there a part of your soul that longs to be set free?

  • Are there worries and fears you are ready to let go of?

  • Do you have truths so deep you didn’t know were there? But they’re coming to the surface to be told?

  • Have you ever had your power taken from you? Are you ready to get it back?

  • Are you ready to release that guilt?

  • Are you ready to release that shame?

  • Do you have an addiction you're ready to look at?

  • Would you like to ditch those limiting beliefs?

  • Do you want to release the anger, blame, resentment, hurt?

  • Have you checked in on your inner child? How are they doing? Do they need anything from you?

  • Are you ready to be held accountable? Are you ready to hold yourself accountable?

  • Are you willing to be vulnerable with yourself?

    With me?

what is “i’ve missed me”?

the workshop

You know the age old story of strength and overcoming? You know, “the power was in you all along”? That one?

Well I hate to be cliche, but it’s true.

It’s in you!

And I can help you remember. The missing pieces are in your pocket.

In extensively working on my own traumas, and staying vigilant in my healing journey, I found my gifts and the truth deep within me.

That I am love. That I am light. That I am creativity. That I am a divine being. That I am a healer.

“I’ve missed me” is my own personal healing practices, meditations, tools, guidance and higher knowledge, in going deep within to find the seeds that are the roots of our hurting. Through these practices and energy clearing, we will focus on the inner healing, the clearing of what no longer serves us. We will pay attention to our truths, our inner children, our wants and needs, as we strip away the walls and layers.

You will learn how to move your own trapped energy through meditations, breathing exercises, working with crystals, introspection and intention.

Who is it for?

This workshop is for anyone on a healing journey. Whether this is your introduction, or you’ve been on the path for a while, or you’re finding and coming into your own gifts as a healer.

My gifts allow me to read each individual soul, so each person’s experience will be tailored and unique as we are all different souls, with different experiences, and different gifts.

Everyone has natural gifts. Recognizing our gifts, and nurturing them, assists in our own healing, therefore affecting our overall happiness and quality of life.

Every soul walks their own unique path to fully recognizing and utilizing their gifts. Every empath. Every healer. Every soul.

But where does that path start?

How do we find the starting point?

And once we do, how do we stay on the path that will keep us in communion with our highest self,

so that we may use our gifts to help ourselves and others?

Come learn the practices you need to consistently hone and develop your unique gifts of self healing.

This experience not only tells you where to start, but assists empaths/healers already on their own path with tools

and practices designed to ensure steady growth and expansion.

Furthermore, this workshop will teach you what you need to stay centered in yourself and true to your path and your own healing journey.

You want the secret to self love? HEALING!

The only thing I require, is that you show up with a willingness to be vulnerable, and an intention of accountability.

where and when?

phoenix, az

November 15th-16th, 2019

Friday, November 15th -evening “get to know you” & group meditation

Saturday, november 16th - all day workshop


what will we be doing?

  • learning to communicate with our bodies through meditation & energy work to find where traumas/negative energies are trapped

  • learning techniques to release trapped emotions/traumas on your own

  • breath work and guided meditations as well as tools to tap into your own meditative abilities

  • tools and practices to help you stay on your own healing path and nurture your gifts

  • we will do a meditation to help you find a “focus point” to start with, as well as set goals for the process

  • Inner child healing (through meditation as well as individual practice)

  • energy clearing as well as intuitive healing guidance

  • learning to work with crystals to channel earth energy to use in removing and alchemizing your own energy

  • finding energetic gifts, and how to utilize and nurture those gifts to help in your healing and personal growth

  • mindful living, healing, and personal goal setting

  • a 30 minute check-in session post workshop